Starbucks Salad: Not As Bad As Expected!

I don’t normally eat food from Starbucks. I do, however, drink their teas, and because I’m a Gold Member, I get rewards after buying a certain amount of drinks. The rewards are whatever you want – any food item or any drink – so naturally, I’ll get some kind of packaged food which I’ve been giving to my boyfriend since he’s not that picky about what he eats.

More than half-way through the Hearty Veggie & Brown Rice Salad Bowl, wishing there was more!

Well, this last reward, I was on my way to work at said boyfriend’s store so that he could do a garden job, but instead of getting something for him, I decided to get myself a salad since our kitchen was still under construction and our food supply was very limited that day.

I have to admit, I wasn’t really looking forward to eating this salad since I’m a total salad snob. First of all, it was from Starbucks which is internationally renowned for its coffee which I think is super sub-par, so why would their packaged salads be even remotely good? Second, it was from Starbucks.

The salad dressing is made with olive & sesame oils, & this container is 250 calories which is more than all the salad ingredients combined!

Well, lo and behold, after eating it and reading its stats,  I was slightly more than moderately impressed with this salad! The taste was surprisingly good, and shockingly, they used olive oil in the brown rice and olive and sesame oils in the dressing. The butternut squash, also, was roasted with olive oil. The only thing that they cooked with canola oil were the tomatoes. And although they list refined olive oil in two places (followed by EVOO both times), I believe it has to be better than a soybean or a canola oil, unless by refined they mean “soybean and/or canola oil masquerading as olive oil?” Either way, the fact that they follow it up with EVOO makes me feel much better about Starbucks. The only things that could make this salad better would be to make it organic, and to make it larger. 😉

I really like how on the fronts of their salads Starbucks shows the calories including the dressing. That way, you can somewhat control your final amount of calories by how much dressing you choose to use.